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Friday, October 13, 2017

"The IR Theory" (We R a 10)

Over the next week or so will review some articles written for a business/legal newspaper in upstate NY. Everything you find in these essays/articles you’ll recognize but they’ll be good for passing on to others – business associates and family. I’ll be starting with Part III – the IR Theory – all together there were some 33 articles – which I’ll not address all of them – but maybe four or five. Each of these were a column so they’ll be short and hopefully to the point. When written I was an associate with Paul Meyers of SMI, Inc. and had his full permission for much of what is found in the ideas – and also Hugh Pinnock of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The purpose of these articles was never to make a profit (which I didn’t smile) but to help others to have new outlooks in their personal, physical, ethical, family, financial and social lives. Hopefully even as those in the past have enjoyed and learned you will too.  c/ork

Part III - the IR Theory
The IR Theory was introduced a number of years ago and is pretty simple; the I stand for you as an Individual and the R represents the current Role you are playing. So we have the Individual Role Theory. There are two important concepts to the IR Theory; the first is as an Individual you are always a '10' since that is man's measurement of perfection. The second, is that a woman is better at being a woman, than a man is at being a man. Even the scriptures allude to this, see Proverbs last chapter - 10-31.

With the IR theory in our lives we know that then as an individual we are okay. Heavenly Father didn't make any junk, is often stated, Father Flanigan is often quoted as, "There is no such thing as a bad boy." Two things I've learned in my life time, is that first, we are all born with winner behavior; and second, all loser behavior is adoptive. The medical world has discovered this over and over especially with babies born with no human chance of success at survival yet they not only live they survive and thrive, grow and blossom. It isn't until later when they get more exposed to man and his brilliance (said critically) that they learn about such things as; luck, poor choices, too bad you just missed the cut, complaining, blaming, whining, and more importantly cheating to get ahead. Therefore those who become quitters, losers, or other such labels as our society have found these behavior through adoption. Losers love to blame others for their problems (this is another subject altogether - and will be written separately).

Now the second part of the theory deals with roles we play. Women are better wives than men are husbands, this is mostly due to the some of the unchanging requirements and the constant flux of what society expects from a man. A friend of mine who passed away used to like to say, "Wives get being wives under control in about 10-15 years, while husbands take about 2.5 million years and that is why Father gives us forever together." But there are lots and lots of roles we play every day. Some are given to be bosses, others just to drive a car, a child to be a student, anyone who makes a meal is playing the role of a cook, and so forth; in most of these we are nowhere near being a ten. In new roles, facing a Ryan Nolan fast ball for example most of us are probably a .00000000000000000002; while a Ted William would have been a 3 or 4. The problem is we tend to look at any role we are playing and associate with the who we are, and stop thinking of ourselves as tens.

The importance of the IR Theory is to keep separate the two parts, keep intact the ten individual given you by royal birthright from a loving Heavenly Father; and try to improve at the roles we are given to play in each day. William Shakespeare said, "All the worlds a stage and the people are the actors upon it." This is true as far as he goes, but with moral agency we can decide the roles and from part two the effort to put forth. What was not said, was there were some good actors and some poor ones. We then need to learn between the Individual and the Role. Where most get in trouble is they start thinking the role is more important than the Individual. Most of us will never make our roles to the level of 10, on given days we will be close, but the individual is always a ten. 

“We R a 10”


Born into mortal probation
having Heavenly Father’s
genes and blessings all
small dependent noisy
wanting hugs/warmth
as infants we R a 10
thus throughout our life
we remain so in polishing
this is the who soul/matter
always to be eternal
something many forget
adopting behavior askew
living their mortal probation!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

"Oppression from Entitlement" (a short essay)

“Oppression from Entitlement”

Currently our nation is experiencing multi-millionaires disparaging our nation and our flag. However, those in our House and Senate have been doing it for years: not standing or even paying attention at the beginnings of their meetings. So why could we expect a lot of college drop-outs making millions of dollars to do anything differently. As a matter of fact the DNC have been trying for years to destroy the Constitution with many of the GOP hand in hand with them. Most all are owned by pelf provided by G. Soros and those in his class. From the back hidden corners into the wide open of today they don’t even care who knows how they feel about the US or any of its laws. For eight years they supported the criminals – illegal aliens and praised the terrorists of the world. The past eight years saw the influx of leaders with no experience except for their color or racist views get appointed to courts – and all levels of government employment. In the past 27 years it has become so bad that we’ve judges/politicians/appointed government officials who most likely have no clue as to the contents or the reason behind the Constitution of the US. While they pro-create by adoption those within our public and private schools systems. Of course the majority of those now living in the US (legally or illegally) are intelligence denied when it comes to the Founding Father’s or the laws of the land. This ignorance is then turned on the general public via the media and school systems.

When hate enters the equation all reality is lost and replaced with nothing of value.  Thus we’ve fake news – people pontificating on how the popular vote should control an election – illegals should have the same rights as legal citizens and so on down the line until most of our national debt is supporting those with no internal motivation to either work or participate in ways to learn how to work or be employed. Thus first they become offended that others don’t like their way of existing and then consider themselves oppressed because they want everything given to them.

First the meaning of Oppression: prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control. "a region shattered by oppression and killing" synonyms: persecution, abuse, maltreatment, ill-treatment, tyranny, despotism, repression, suppression, subjection, subjugation; More the state of being subject to unjust treatment or control. synonyms: persecution, abuse, maltreatment, ill-treatment, tyranny, despotism, repression,

Which brings us to the latest contentious news being plastered by msm into our lives. Two HOF football players one saying no oppression and the other saying there’s always been oppression! Which do we believe? Let’s look at the second first.

He called the following examples of oppression: Vietnam – inflation – Operation Wetback – war on drugs – tax increases – and Jim Crow Laws.  With the exception of the Jim Crow laws which were mostly all in the Southern part of the US (and enacted by the carpet bag governments and Democratic party)– all of the others affected everyone – except those who were on welfare or wealthy. Many forget that the Jim Crow type laws were also enacted upon whites and various religious groups where some were killed when trying to vote (check out Missouri even before the Civil War). Of course those enacting these laws also stripped ownership of land – included murder, rape and forced removal from one’s home and even some totally from the state where they lived.

What about the others on the list: Operation Wetback was to remove illegal aliens who'd come into the US. This was oppression? So let's see - deporting illegal aliens is oppression - or enforcement of the law? War on Drugs - oppression or enforcement of the law Arresting or attempting to arrest a violent/armed criminal oppression or enforcement of the law? Vietnam wasn’t oppression – yes we had the draft (but we so in other wars as well) – but what I saw was it didn’t matter what color you were when hit you bled and in 52K cases you died. (http://history-world.org/vietnam_war_statistics.htm This reference site is Vietnam.)  Of those killed in Vietnam.(combat role) 86.8% were non-black and 12.1% were black. 34% of the blacks in Vietnam were volunteers. 25% of the total force (all cultures) were drafted in Vietnam – while in WW2 66% were draftees. So I’m not sure how serving in Vietnam was oppression – most of us would go back and almost anyone associated with the war know it was lost due to political motivation which is also why it began. Most forget – after WW2 Vietnam was set on the direction of a Constitutional nation – until it was given back as a possession of the French (big mistake of course this was the case at the end of WW1 as well).

Some of the other terms in the definition could be placed on JJ and Big Al – and overall the communities raking in millions/billions of dollars and doing nothing to change the environment but make it worse. Oppression by the DNC to keep poor and welfare entitlements on their voter rolls whether alive or dead or to vote multiple times in violation of the laws. Ignorance on the part of the GOP to do the right thing for the right reason – instead choosing not to rock the boat!

Some of the other oppression voiced (except black upon black) – of course there were riots – where in mid-city black communities destroying their own – I was in Harlem in 1964 – and condition where I’d come from in the Far East were far worse – and when I then to Africa it was equally as bad as the Far East.

It seems it’s okay to commit crimes (would guess this could be considered oppressing the innocent Americans who were the victims – (but these would include all cultures) – but not accept the price of the crime – therefore you’re oppressed because you got caught or someone of your race got caught – and for shootings – how many were in life/death situations? How many innocent whites/Indians/those of other cultures were shot without cause? So far this year’ twice as many Whites have been shot as compared to blacks. Yet when known criminals caught in the act get shot because they’re threatening – fighting – and then their so called community riots and loots – and destroys themselves it’s all whitey’s or the officials fault (never the criminal) – and they’re so oppressed needing to steal – rape – loot – because they can’t get a job or prefer not to work!

This nations has thrown hundreds of billion dollars into the inter-cities – the black community – and what’s there to show for it – oppression and racism – maybe someone is doing this all wrong!

Oppression – hearing why you didn’t get a Scholarship (on the honor roll) – “Well first you’re white – second – you’re a veteran – third you’re married – so you’ll get through whether we help you or not. Married veterans earned $110.00 a month while attending college in those days. Certain professors would fail or otherwise lower your grades so you’d never get above a ‘C’. And lastly if you were avoiding the draft you didn’t even need to attend classes to pass! Oppression is a lot like being offended – some seek it out – other ignore it – to me there’s only one reason ever to be offended – when someone challenges your integrity (when you have integrity).

Smile as always so few will ever read this – and thus writing to the choir – c/ork

“Oppression from Entitlement”


Somehow confusion is the cause
which comes from the adversity
inciting riots, hatred, entitlements
fully disrupting the family life
as if severing with a sharp knife
providing rhetorical arguments
lying taught in the university
oppression=entitlement a gauze;

Graduating into fake news alive
given breath by beguilement
adopted into the school system
flourishing in our society’s life
oppression from entitlement a knife
disrupting any defined ecosystem
all of nature in defilement
allowing nothing to survive!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

Saturday, October 7, 2017

“Required to Know More Than We Do” cji 10/8/17 (short essay)

“Required to Know More Than We Do”  cji 10/8/17

Sometimes one is required to know a lot more than they do having become dependent on others for their education. Most instead select satan’s plan – which is the opposite of agency (Heavenly Father’s Plan) which requires free choice to choose right or wrong – while satan left no agency – choices already made – and therefore no consequences! Soon becoming simply ‘creatio ex niliho’ nothing to nothing – and therefore nothing matters! Of course for those who deny unorganized matter – one world to another – which would include not quite believing in God the Father – his Son Jesus Christ – or the Holy Ghost – maybe only as symbols – illusions – proclaiming a voice of belief (just to be safe) without believing either the Bible or other Scriptures. Have thus accepted a fully inadequate education becoming nothing more than minions of the worldly.

With an inadequate education – one is unprepared to think on their own. Unable to think on their own – they accept a prideful appearance that they do! Unable to ask questions and to seek the answers on their own. Therefore only having traditional answers, excuses and justifications. Quoting those using circular disparities until all is confusion and not worth further pursuing. Thousands upon thousands of books have been written on religion – very few without value by almost lacking understanding of who the Father and Son really are and therefore unable to help another understand. These books thus become more and more disjointed in describing what they themselves do not understand. When one reads the introductions the authors almost all admit this and then go ahead trying to explain what they just indicated could not be understood.

These are the same people throughout history who’ve tried to explain what we need to know about the Bible and other Scriptures. Sadly the same people who’ve translated or otherwise manipulated the Bible. However, even with all of the errors of transmission-translations-man made changes the Bible (and other Scriptures) is still to be taken literally for what is taught that the creative errors cannot erase! Too many have some truth but ignore all of the truth – taking and paying others to tell them what it means. Letting others take care of their religion – really no different than what satan extolls as his religion which much of the world accepts or is required to accept. Many religions require obedience to their creeds rather that to the Scriptures!

Most forget what they learned in the Pre-existence – being taught there was no pre-existence. i.e. creatio ex niliho – even most churches teach this with most any of their members can expect someday to be an angel without body parts or passions. The same as they’re taught of the Godhead – without body parts or passions. Which goes against everything taught in the Scriptures – making them meaningless outside of peer acceptance indicating of some belief when in reality none at all!

Anyone who proclaims to love the Savior – would seek for the full truth of the Bible and other Scriptures – only then could they show their love by full obedience to all of the Commandments all of the time! When one cannot comprehend who our Heavenly Father or his only begotten Son Jesus Christ really are – that they have physical bodies of flesh and bones – and are awaiting our return with our families having been sealed in eternal marriage by proper authority – how can one really put their works with their faith? The Savior has said, “If you love me – keep my Commandments!”

Obedience requires understanding – sometimes being obedient to begin with until understanding comes is needful. Gaining a testimony of truth(s) found within the love of the Savior. However, no obedience or understanding is required to follow satan or his plan. Much easier and especially when the many churches teach it is not necessary; that they could sin a little – repent – sin some more – maybe we’ll be punished a little but in the end we’ll all be saved. A truth mixed within a rhetorical misconception. Yes because of the Atonement we’ll be saved – but to where? Some to the Terrestrial, some to the Telestial – and some to the Celestial -  and others to outer darkness. So just being saved isn’t enough – obedience is required by our works. Of course for some just being saved is enough regardless of what Kingdom they end up in. And this is what satan is banking on! Only that we don’t return with our families into the full presence of the Father and the Son. Thus following satan’s plan requires confusion, ignorance, justification, with or without obedience to the Commandments. He doesn’t care really what anyone teaches or does as long as they do not believe the Scriptures fully.

The Scriptures as we know them to date include: The Holy Bible (Old and New Testament); The Book of Mormon; the Doctrine and Covenants; the Pearl of Great Price; and the teachings of modern day Prophet’s and Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ – called by Him in these Latter-days. And all satan has to do is keep one from doing this! He’s doing a really good job of it – as millions reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness. Professing they’ve all they need.

We live in world where it seems evil is done without consequences – and only those who pay penalties are the righteous. Those who won’t lie, cheat, steal to get out of trouble for refusing to obey laws seem to go unpunished. Even though the jails and prisons are overflowing – while less than 13% of the shootings and murders in Chicago go uncaught and thus unpunished. Rioters have the system figured out – and mostly go unpunished. Steal, destroy and someone will bail them out of trouble. This is satan’s world – teaching confusion, evil, no consequences, and leading even very good people astray. All of this is foretold in the Scriptures! Still millions refuse to believe!

Thus we’re required to know many things – much more individually than we currently do if only being educated by others. Each person is responsible for their journey in this world – and when married for their family – and then for their progenitors (see Malachi) all of which means school of hard knocks education – and self-study – deep research – much prayer and strict obedience to the Father and the Son (See James). If we really want to have our agency we have to be fully obedient unto the Father and the Son – keeping their Commandments in all things and ways. Education in eternal life’s ordinances and covenants should be our major area of study – while if we’re found obedient, anxiously engaged – we can then endure to the end – which all of the Savior’s disciples were told to do!

“Learning More”


Sabbath Day education
studying the Scriptures
delving into understanding
self-education required
reading, pondering, praying
becoming one with Father
discerning Saviors’ teachings
following the true Prophets
learning more especially today
the Sabbath Day eternally!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

"Agnosticism 102"

It has said that Dr. Albert Einstein was an agnostic – which when one reads or studies his life (from his own writings) this cannot be discerned. Interestingly – I’ve read most all of Einstein’s writings and never seen this there – however this has been around. Einstein – was raised in an inactive Jewish home – went to Catholic schools (was ridiculed) and never professed either a belief or disbelief to any Church – however, he did fully acknowledge the existence of God (per se’ not Jesus Christ) and a higher authority. He stated this in a small meeting in CA just prior to WW2 (1940). When Israel was formed he was asked to be the first Prime Minister but turned it down. As almost all those of a higher intellect he understood the being of a higher being – had read the Bible – and found where it made common sense none of the churches he knew of did. I’ll research the below but don’t believe it is anything more than someone’s creation trying to give it more credibility.  All of the writing’s claiming what Einstein’s writings do or do not say have been proven much like the news of today – fake/false and very opinionated. Would highly recommend one read’s the works of Albert Einstein’s – and see what you can come to grasps with. 

Agnostic: a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God. This does not and is not found in any Einstein’s writings. Of course one can go back to those of who wrote serious papers as a youth might be quoted from then and not today.

This is found in one of the Analysis of this myth: This apocryphal tale of a college-age Albert Einstein proving the existence of God to his atheist professor first began circulating in 2004. One reason we know it isn't true is that the same story was already making the rounds earlier with no mention of Einstein in it at all.
Another reason we know it isn't true is that Einstein was a self-described agnostic who didn't believe in what he called a "personal God." He wrote: "[T]he word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honorable but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish."
And, finally, we know it isn't true because Einstein was a careful thinker who wouldn't have abided the specious logic attributed to him here. As written, the argument neither disproves the existence of evil nor proves the existence of God.
Actually the author who wrote the analysis doesn’t understand the definition of Agnostic – and or much of Einstein. An agnostic is someone who neither believes nor disbelieves in the existence of a deity or deities, whereas a theist and an atheist believe and disbelieve, respectively. Over time many have asserted this label on those like Jefferson, Darwin, Einstein and many other – and I would guess to some degree you and I! Huxley came up with the term – and since then the liberal application has taken in a lot of territory without understanding who they’ve assessed it to. Einstein never self-described himself as such except to get people off of his case – the same as Jefferson and Adams belonged to churches to keep people off of their backs. Darwin – was born into a preachers home – attended seminary and finally walked away due to the confusion found. What is taken out of context is that almost all of the Christian Churches claim no personal God – but in their various creeds only a God which makes absolutely no sense. Thus most all of Christendom and the other major religions of the world are by Huxley’s definition ‘Agnostics’.

By definition a ‘personal God’ is one you can communicate with one to one – and be heard and understood and at the same time come to know literally. Since only one organized Church believes this to be true – that there is open communication with their God – then what of the rest of the world? Claiming such a belief and in the same breathe denying it. All of the Creeds in Christendom deny the literal existence of a physical being of flesh and bone – as two separate beings as the Savior testifies over and over again in the Scriptures.  Again neither here nor there – believing what one wants cannot change the truth – ‘If you love me keep my Commandments’ – and thus to believe the Savior’s Word! We must each remember – all of us who proclaim Christianity ‘faith without works is dead’ (James) and we’ve to live the Will of the Father or deny all that we profess to believe.   

Whether we choose to become a disciple of Jesus Christ – we better read the instruction book(s) – and heed them literally without the logismoi of men/women intermixed. Sadly most will just read the synopsis or maybe a College Cheat Book. We do not know the heart of beliefs of a man/woman until they walk/talk/listen/discern and even then might not know. However, we don’t have to know – only Father and the Son need to know and they do! Careful quoting out of context, edited writings, hearsay, myths and whatever else can be known/shown/guessed is not to be used to understand the heart of a man/woman.

Agnosticism 102 is nothing more than continuation of men/women justifying what they want to believe or to be held accountable for to their peers or associates. Einstein, Jefferson and many others to include Darwin are labeled by what men/women try to apply to justify their history retroactively re-written. We’ve each to do our own homework – going back as far as we can to primary source materials – lacking to do this we then hang what we believe on what others want us to believe.

“Agnosticism 102”


Grabbing a straw here/there
building up huge fires about
placing trust in men/women
wanting to be accepted
lacking thinking or reason
appeasement to the world
sitting on the fence again
doing so in pre-existence
1/3 the host of Heaven
unable to choose sides
now today doing the same
believing nothing known
nothing can be proved
ignoring what’s all about!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

Sunday, September 10, 2017

“Truth’s in Most Religions” (follow on to earlier essay)

“Truths in Most Religions”


When one attempts to write – especially to be understood much material and information will be left out or for the readers to research on their own. Writing requires one to do their homework – but it’s also incumbent upon the readers to do theirs! As writing I consider the usage of footnotes and since I’m not per se’ writing for publication I’ve found little reason to document 55 years of my personal research for someone else to publish. If in fact anyone wants my primary, secondary or current references they need only do a search on the Internet. Many know my personal library contains thousands of books with many being first editions or translations of first editions from hundreds (even thousand) years ago. This is said not to brag or to be prideful – but most would affirm I’ve done my homework very well indeed. Why is this important to the reader: first I seek only to write on what I know to be true; second I would be able to present such references if requested with good intent; third digging through my collection to find an exact quote at this point in my life (while it could be done) seems to be redundant and to deter from further writings; and lastly I’m a virtual unknown so who really wants my references. Most of the worldly scholars dismiss what I write out of hand – as one of my early professors told me when I quoted primary material in his class that I was just, ‘an amateur or hobbyist’ and my sources not worth being quoted. Which is interesting as I’ve found many dislike learned there may be something they don’t know.

Wherefore of the above paragraph is that while my previous writing, “What Is – What Was – What is Man-made – What is From Father and His Son Jesus Christ” cji 9/10/17 dealt only with Christianity. Leaving out some things which I feel important and also other religions of the world. Hopefully, this short exercise with resolve these omissions. Most of those who see, read my writings fall within the Christian Community of religions. It is very important to note that all religions Christian or otherwise have both truths, light and good things to offer. This of course excludes those claiming Satan as their headstone for nothing of worth, truth, light or good can come from Satan.

How many religions are there in the world? Estimates conclude there are at least 4,200 religions in the world – of which 84% of the world’s population participate. Of this about 1/3 practice some form of Christianity. The study actually states ‘84% of the world population has faith!’ which misleading because the other 16% have faith as well. Indeed to not believe in a deity requires more faith than many of those who proclaim faith.

How many know the names of all of the religions in the world and then what does each believe or better practice? This to me would be an exercise in futility as what would it accomplish to know this information? We know all religions which lead men/women to do good – i.e. James 1:27; are important to the welfare of this world. We also know that religion should encourage questions, research, study – and just accept things because one is told to do so. It’s the questioning which leads one to more truths and thus more faith and finally to seek greater light and knowledge. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_religions_and_spiritual_traditions is where you’ll find most of the various religions in the world.)

The parable of the weed and the blade of grass: Which in one’s lawn gets the most attention? The weed usually is singled out as being unwanted and thus to be destroyed. Grass on the other hand is just doing what it’s told to do and therefore requires little attention. Most followers in religion are like blades of grass just doing what they’re told to do. While the one who questions, seeks answers, offers a differing opinion is like the weed and needs to be destroyed in case it takes over the lawn. Therefore tradition and peer pressure make most bow to the theology of the owner of the lawn (church) while helping to weed out the weeds.

Because of the above parable most seeking truth are stymied or otherwise held in check or end up on the outside or in some religions – dead! Most of the world religions are cultural in nature and not overly well known except in their specific locale. Which is the truth-seeker to be known as – the weed in most cases and never the blade of grass in almost all cases. Which are we?

While all churches have some truth and some light – and lead people to do good – why isn’t this enough? Many will say I’ve my beliefs and you’ve yours. However, if there’s a greater truth – a supreme truth – filled with all of the light – wouldn’t everyone want to know? If you knew – wouldn’t you want your friends to know? Wouldn’t you want to know?

When I was a youngster I wanted to know – I read the Bible and found it to be true – yet everywhere I looked no one was teaching what the Bible literally spoke. I became the weed – being asked not to come back – asking too many questions then going to the Scriptures to show the answer given didn’t make any sense. In one case I wasn’t in a Bible study group more than 10 minutes was asked a question about 1 Peter 3:7 and was told to leave and not come back (I was 18 single and in the Far East at the time). Today I still ask questions and seek answers – however today it is much easier because of the variety of Scriptures and sources I can investigate.

Yes – much of research is devoted the Christian Scriptures – however, I still refer to and utilize all truths wherever they can be found. In an essay recently completed on the Book of James I quote liberally from the following: The Bible (Old and New Testaments); The Book of Mormon; The Doctrine and Covenants; The Pearl of Great Price and the Holy Qur’an. Why these because they represent the most readily available and teach many of the same doctrines. (The essay on the Book of James ended with some 268 pages of reference notes – some 88 pages of text. In this book I was able to cross-reference every verse in James to each of the other books of Scriptures I used. Why because in my studies I noticed that James was written to our day! It is also the one book that most wanted left out of the Bible in the late 1400’s to early 1600’s and even as late as the mid-1700’s. Also, I found in the works of many of the various Great Churches of the World that most all of the principles taught by James was also found in their teachings.

Should we gather and study – do our homework we’ll find many great and small truths spread throughout the world of religion. However, I still know of only one Church where all of these truths can be found and can be added to with new Revelations and thus is a living religion. I leave the above with you in the name of Jesus Christ – amen – c/ork

“Truth’s in Most Religions”


Deny not the truths of God
for they are many and clear
some here and some there
as we venture in this life
seeking our full mission
able someday to return
to the presence of Father
worthy and ordained fully
truth’s in most religions
but wetting one’s hunger
wanting more and more
till finding the receptacle
filled to brimming with all
and continuing as living
added to here and there
where the Lord’s Prophet
resides and leads today
those who harken fully
to the Father’s voice
through his Son Jesus
wherein we’re found today!

Copyright © 2017 – cji

“What Is – What Was – What is Man-made – What is From Father and His Son Jesus Christ” cji 9/10/17

“The Trojan Horse pope has triumphed and Catholicism is dead! From this day forward forever redefined as a non-centralized, liberal, individualized,  virtually non-aligned collection of  non-religious sects  . . .”

“What Is – What Was – What is Man-made – What is From Father and His Son Jesus Christ”
cji 9/10/17

If one were to literally believe the Scriptures it ‘Catholicism’ was dead on arrival – a man-made religion based on Greek Philosophy mixed with some doctrine (less than 5%) – controlled by Emperors and great armies. Both Augustine and Origen were scholars from the schools of Greek Rhetoric – without either authority or keys – teaching the logismoi of men/women without comprehension of the Scriptures. Paul foretold all of the events following the apostasy of the Church as organized by Jesus Christ – and after the death of Ignatius (about 150AD) (note: not to be confused with the gnostic Ignatius about 100 years later) – there was no more authority on the European/Asian/African Continents. In the Western world (American Continents) the last Apostle passed away about 461AD. (Note: These do not include John (the beloved) or the Three Nephite Prophets; all of whom are still here). The knowledge which leads to light is here – we’ve just to seek it out as pointed out in James 1:5.  

 Understanding what is needful – i.e. what all of the Prophets of Old have foretold from both the Old Testament and the New Testament – there can always only be one (1) true Church on this Earth at a time. For only can have the authority and keys to receive the Revelation needed for all. Any other church so organized with authority or keys would already be dead. One cannot take a living branch from a dead tree. The Church as the Savior organized it in the meridian of time – was foretold to Apostatize and therefore no longer to have the authority or keys on this earth – therefore to be dead. Since all other organized religions claim ties to this original Church (with the exception of other previous man-made religions) then they are found to be branches from a dead tree. Therefore reformation cannot restore the authority and keys – only the Father and the Son can do this – which was prophesied by again almost every Prophet which we’ve writings preserved from and those we only know about by their reference by these Prophets. Each of the dispensations where the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been on this earth has come and gone with the soul exception of the current one on Earth at this time. The current dispensation was Restored by the Father and the Son in the early 1800’s on the American Continent. Organized in 1830 with only six members in upstate NY – it has grown till today with over 15.8 million members worldwide. The Church is called by the name of Jesus Christ as was his Church in the meridian of time – with the added; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for its name.

Greek Philosophy was much easier to understand and accept – which was based on rhetoric which is usually mixed with myth, facts, falsehood and whatever would appeal to the masses (i.e. those small percentage of literate and free people of either Greece or the immediate world). Religion was never intended for those in slavery or lower classes – and in most cases with no time off without the ability to organize or find time to worship. Even today Greek Philosophy is more accepted than the eternal truths of the Holy Scriptures. Men/women profess a belief but only verbally as most do not obey even the simplest of the Commandments. Or if they do it is with over-zealousness so that others will notice them in their extremes. Many of the known churches today randomly change doctrines to meet the worldly appeasements to keep people coming into their doors. Remember all churches founded of by men/women have to be funded with a paid clergy – thus if one is paid they’ve to teach that which those who’re paying want to hear. This of course leads to a conflict of interest for the clergy cannot vary from the scripted texts published in volumes of books over the time of the lifespan of their particular creeds. They’ve been educated at schools of divinity and gained their license from the governments of men/women. Even when they know what they’re teaching isn’t common sense doctrine or in variation from the Scriptures they cannot deviate. To deviate would be to lose their positions and source of making a living.

Augustine and Origen are known for the founders of modern day Christianity; Augustine in the Roman or Western sphere and Origen in the Eastern sphere or Constantinople. Respectfully both good and honorable men who trying their best to reconcile what they could not understand in the literal Scriptures ad-libbed with rhetoric and the Greek Philosophy. Even to the point of having slaughtered those who clung to the original teachings of the Prophets.

Augustine (https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GGRV_enUS751US751&q=augustine&oq=Augus&gs_l=psy-ab.1.0.0i46i67k1j46i67k1l2j0i131k1j0l2.2341.3995.0.7465. was raised by his mother a singularly good woman and with strong Christian beliefs from the original Church. However, he rejected these beliefs for the greater part of his life seeking for something more understandable. His life was scattered with membership in various sects and blending of belief systems. However, he was a rhetorician – studying it for many years (some say 15+) and then teaching it for about the same amount of time. He was constantly seeking for something he could believe. His influences were many and his confidence took in much more than just his local responsibilities. Yet in the end when he accepted Christianity is was with the reserves that the Scriptures had dual meanings and he took the path of least resistance to giving new interpretations as doctrines. (Note: much is written herein and elsewhere about him – so much so to document it all would take much more space and time than which most of us have. Suffice it to say – all of what I put forth is documented and even the least of scholars or researchers can easily find.) After coming upon his powerful position in order to convert those of the old schools of Christianity he allowed them to be put to death as they would not give up their old traditions. One thing of note even in his latter-years he was still hoping for at least one revelation from God.

Origen (https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1GGRV_enUS751US751&q=Origen&oq=Origen&gs_l=psy-ab.3..35i39k1j0j0i10k1l2.99973.101623.0.101934. known as being fully honest and truthful held to and taught many of the truths of the Scriptures and was therefore never ‘Sainted’ being called a heretic. Yet what he did do was both influential in Greek Orthodoxy (even today). However, after his death much of what he did was rejected and the secular world took over his beginnings. He was known as Adamantius ("man of steel") (again he said what he knew and acknowledged what he did not – and also stated what he believed but was not able to document). Much of what is left of his legacy has him closely tied to Plato and Clement of Alexandria Therefore we find the Greek Philosophy in his teachings and thus the doctrines of Greek Orthodoxy.

What did Paul and other Prophet’s tell us? (Note: here are the Scriptural references)

2 Thessalonians 2

·         New Testament
The Second Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Thessalonians Chapter 2 Apostasy is to precede the Second Coming—The gospel prepares men for eternal glory.
·         New Testament
The Second Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy Chapter 3 Paul describes the apostasy and perilous times of the last days—The scriptures guide man to salvation. 
·         New Testament
The Acts of the Apostles Chapter 20 Paul raises Eutychus from death—Paul is free from the blood of all men—He predicts apostasy from within the Church—He reveals a teaching from Jesus, It is more blessed to give than to receive. 
·         New Testament
The First Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy Chapter 4 Paul describes the latter-day apostasy—Christ is the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe. 
·         New Testament
The Revelation of St John the Divine Chapter 12 John sees the imminent apostasy of the Church—He also sees the War in Heaven in the beginning when Satan was cast out—He sees the continuation of that war on earth. 
·         New Testament
The Second Epistle of Paul the Apostle to Timothy Chapter 4 Paul gives a solemn charge to preach the gospel in a day of apostasy—Paul and all Saints are assured of exaltation. 
·         Old Testament
The Book of the Prophet Isaiah Chapter 33 Apostasy and wickedness will precede the Second Coming—The Lord will come with devouring fire—Zion and its stakes will be perfected—The Lord is our Judge, Lawgiver, and King.
·         Old Testament
The Book of the Prophet Isaiah Chapter 30 Israel is scattered for rejecting the seers and prophets—Israel’s people will be gathered and blessed temporally and spiritually—The Lord will come in a day of apostasy to judge and destroy the wicked. 
·         New Testament
The Acts of the Apostles Chapter 7 Stephen recounts the history of Israel and names Moses as a prototype of Christ—He testifies of the apostasy in Israel—He sees Jesus on the right hand of God—Stephen’s testimony is rejected, and he is stoned to death. 
·         Old Testament
The Book of the Prophet Isaiah Chapter 29 A people (the Nephites) will speak as a voice from the dust—The Apostasy, restoration of the gospel, and coming forth of a sealed book (the Book of Mormon) are foretold—Compare 2 Nephi 27. 
·         Book of Mormon
The Second Book of Nephi Chapter 28 Many false churches will be built up in the last days—They will teach false, vain, and foolish doctrines—Apostasy will abound because of false teachers—The devil will rage in the hearts of men—He will teach all manner of false doctrines. About 559–545 B.C. 
·         Book of Mormon
8The Lamanites seek out and destroy the Nephites—The Book of Mormon will come forth by the power of God—Woes pronounced upon those who breathe out wrath and strife against the work of the Lord—The Nephite record will come forth in a day of wickedness, degeneracy, and apostasy. About A.D. 400–421. 
·         Book of Mormon
...Second Book of Nephi Chapter 27 Darkness and apostasy will cover the earth in the last days—The Book of Mormon will come forth—Three witnesses will testify of the book—The learned man will say he cannot read the sealed book—The Lord will do a marvelous work and a wonder—Compare Isaiah 29. About... 
·         Old Testament
...Deuteronomy Chapter 7 Israel is to destroy the seven nations of Canaan—Marriages with them are forbidden lest apostasy result—Israel has a mission as a holy and chosen people—The Lord shows mercy unto those who love him and keep his commandments—He promises to remove sickness from the... 
·         Book of Mormon
...sees in vision the church of the devil set up among the Gentiles, the discovery and colonizing of America, the loss of many plain and precious parts of the Bible, the resultant state of Gentile apostasy, the restoration of the gospel, the coming forth of latter-day scripture, and the building... 
·         The Guide to the Scriptures
God’s reestablishment of the truths and ordinances of his gospel among men on earth. The gospel of Jesus Christ was lost from the earth through the apostasy that took place following the earthly ministry of Christ’s Apostles. That apostasy 
·         The Guide to the Scriptures
Chapter 1 contains a prayer for the Saints. Chapter 2 speaks of the coming apostasy. Chapter 3 contains Paul’s prayer for the triumph of the gospel cause. 
·         The Guide to the Scriptures
In chapters 1 and 2, Paul expressed regret at the news he had received of apostasy among the Galatians and clarified his position among the Apostles. Chapters 3 and 4 discuss the doctrines of faith and works. Chapters 5 and 6 contain a sermon on the practical results of the doctrine of faith. 

One needs to reconcile themselves with what is true and what is not. Even the least amount of gray is not from the Father or his only begotten Son Jesus Christ. There is no confusion, contention, mystery, guile in the teachings of the true Prophets and/or the Father or the Son. It is common sense and truthful! We need to heed the warnings and prophecies handed down then and now (as we’ve a living Prophet on this Earth in this day – Thomas S. Monson) for the Kingdom of God has been Restored – for he could not return to his Kingdom were it not restored. In the Lord’s Prayer what is prayed for: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.Everyone is praying for this to happen when it already has!

·         Old Testament
14¶Now therefore fear the Lord , and serve him in sincerity and in truth: and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood, and in Egypt; and serve ye the Lord . 
15And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord , choose you this day whom ye will serve ; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house , we will serve the Lord . 

This applies to us in this day – choosing either the god’s of men/women in their creeds which make little sense to the Scriptures and without full obedience to the Commandments; or to Our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ and their chosen Prophets and Apostles in these latter-days? We each have the agency to do whatever we want – to believe whatever we want – but it is wise to know what the price is for our beliefs. There’s a story told that after the end of WW2 – in a public square there was a young man standing on a box preaching agnosticism when he was approached by an elderly lady. She asked, “What have I to lose if I follow my beliefs in Jesus Christ if you’re correct?” Without waiting for a reply she answered, “Nothing!” Then she continued what have you to lose if I’m right and you’re wrong?” Quiet ensued and the young man answered, “Everything!” We too are held to the answer of this question – if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Restored Church with all of the authority and keys – which I believe – what have I to lose if the rest of the world is correct and I’m wrong, nothing!  However, if I’m right (which I testify to as being true) what have those of the world to lose?

Paul taught in the Baptism for the Dead – the Savior taught of the Sealing power given to the Apostles (what is Sealed in earth – is Sealed in Heaven – what is not Sealed in earth is not Sealed in Heaven). Malachi taught “Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: and he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”
Peter taught that husband and wife are to heirs together forever – how can this be if they are not Sealed for Time and all Eternity by one having authority and the keys to do so?
One has to read the Scriptures – pray calling upon Heavenly Father to know if they’re true – with a contrite heart, humbled and repentant – to know the truth of all things – precept upon precept – thus to know the difference between the teachings/wisdom of men/women and Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. There is no other way – the Holy Ghost will validate the truth of all things!
We’ve to understand fully any church formed by men/women regardless of where or when or how old or how many belong was (or is) dead on arrival. One cannot take a living branch from a dead tree. All the writings in the world cannot change this simple fact. And further one cannot create anything out of nothing – matter requires matter – ask a five year old – he/she will tell you it cannot be done expect as the king’s new clothes which never existed.

Answer the questions in the title - “What Is – What Was – What is Man-made – What is From Father and His Son Jesus Christ” then you’ll be on your way to understand the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Which in his name I close this writing – even Jesus the Christ amen – c/ork

“What Is – What Was – What is Man-made –
What is From Father and His Son Jesus Christ”


What matters to answer questions
better to never ask some at all
most want no answer given truthfully
most only want to hear what they choose
does ‘what is’ is what they can see
nothing more required to satisfy
then ‘what was’ is in the past only
no longer with application today
rhetorically ‘what is man-made’
follows the same called inventions
physical monuments to creativity
or imaginations/illusions/guile
while ‘what is from Father
and His Son Jesus Christ’
is found to be eternal and true
is found to be eternal and true!)

Copyright © 2017 – cji

“What Is”
Can we see it – touch it
taste it – smell it
is this the litmus test
for all that ‘is’ to be
some have said old Will
in his plays used this
‘all that there is I can see
what I cannot see isn’t’
while in answer, ‘All that
there is – is all that I can see
and all that I cannot see’
which are we found sided
can we see – or can we not?
Copyright © 2017 – cji

“What Was”
Written recordings of history
primary source or later
relics found long abandoned
tombs raided and looted
caves holding treasures
ships on the bottom of seas
is it always in the past state
even just yesterday known
then today already denied
man/woman creativity
or just translated wrongly
what was can we really know?
Copyright © 2017 – cji

“What is Man-made”
Many inventions of worth
taken and abused wrongly
made of education/ease
used for deviations/lusts
easily corrupted in time
changed and stolen
rust and moth doth change
what is man-made
impermanent and fugacious!
Copyright © 2017 – cji

“What is From the Father
and the Son”
Beyond our sight’s understanding
uncomprehending all and everything
incapable of knowing eternity
that which is and was and always
for the good of mankind today
true religion, true principles
true guides for living always
insights to the minds of men/women
sparks of imagination to invent
(the mind cannot do
what it cannot visualize)
all that is good if from
Father and the Son
most of all known to each
the Atonement of our Savior!
Copyright © 2017 – cji

“What Is – What Was – What is Man-made –
What is From Father and His Son Jesus Christ 2”


Trans versing time and space
constantly seeking more to know
discerning between fact/fiction
our goal to find the full truth
what is – what was
what is man-made
what is from Father-Son
finding what leads to life
eternal and forever and ever
knowing much is to be done
works with our faith together
learning our mission here today
able then to return to our home
with the Father and the Son!)

Copyright © 2017 – cji

'Chuck' Charles J. Ingerson, CPCM, Fellow (NCMA)

“Lest we forget the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ – completing the Atonement so that ‘death’ could be removed from those who inhabited this earth – each and every one – none excluded – with the exception of those who through disobedience to the Commandments have found to excluded themselves from eternal life in the Celestial Kingdom (spoken of by Paul – and throughout the Scriptures of our returning to dwell with the Father and the Son. in his name even Jesus the Christ amen.”  cji  4/6/2017

To create one has to have imagination - and we've a society which not only can't think for themselves but lack in knowing how to communicate with one another – unlike previous generations where one had to do both!” cji 11/25/16

“Altruistic Logic is where one understands whatever reason one does something for – when questioned will always be for an Altruistic logic or reason. They’ll say whatever covers their real reason so that others will believe them. Sadly in most cases (not all) these reasons are selfish and not altruistic.” cji 12/2/15

“Just like faith once we understand a truth – it moves from faith to knowledge/light – the same as wisdom when we learn something we store it forever for recall when needed and then add precept upon precept. Thus we grow exponentially either towards Zion or we fade exponentially to Babylon.” – cji 7/18/15

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